Performance Management

5 Ways to Shine After a Critical Performance Review

Performance review season recently wrapped up and you may not have received the results you were hoping for. You love your job and pride yourself in being highly motivated, but with the recent feedback it may feel difficult to get excited for the year ahead. A study on the performance review process led by Adobe... Keep reading  

Workplace Diversity

Diverse Organizations Outperform, and These 9 Companies Can Help

Organizations that promote diverse teams, especially within leadership, outperform homogenous teams. Understanding unique backgrounds of individuals can help companies appeal to a broader range of talent and reach diverse markets. Research shows diverse teams perform better — while homogenous teams may feel more effective, the presence of friction actually improves outcomes. Diversity is most often... Keep reading  

Employee Engagement

See What Your Employees Value [INFOGRAPHIC]

More and more, employees are choosing workplaces that align with their personal values. For companies looking to recruit and retain talent, that should bring up the question: What do today’s employees value? Perhaps it’s not a simple question. Highly talented individuals across age groups, geographies, and industries may value very different things. A worker’s affinity... Keep reading  

Real Time Feedback

How to Select the Right Real-Time Feedback Solution

The workplace needs continuous feedback more than ever. According to Gallup, only 17 percent of millennials receive meaningful feedback and 19 percent receive feedback on a routine basis. One reason such a small percentage of employees receive feedback is the perception that performance management is a time-consuming process. We empathize with managers who attempt to balance their time between... Keep reading