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Managers Are the Key to Good Work Culture

Cold-pressed juice machines, company picnics, in-office yoga…these perks may sound appealing to an employee but when it comes down to building excellent company culture, it’s great management that makes the difference. Sure, company perks are important to employees, but studies now show that it isn’t the number one tactic. What matters is great management and...
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Workplace Diversity

Paternal Leave Policies Are Vital for Retaining Talent

As millennials rapidly move into the parenting age, companies are scrambling to adjust to their needs accordingly in order to retain the in-demand talent. The United States maternity leave policies fall far behind the rest of the world, leaving it one out of three countries that do not offer mandatory paid maternity leave. Federal law, under...
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Performance Management

17 Inspiring Quotes for HR Leaders

The world around us is full of inspiration. As each season ends, a new one begins. Now is the perfect time to press the reset button, set new goals, and get excited for what’s on the horizon. Working in HR means being a leader by way of cultivating leadership in the workplace. It’s a big...
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Employee Engagement

Why a Caring Company Retains Millennials

Today’s workforce is ripe with a younger generation known as “millennials” (those born within 1982–2000). By 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the global workforce. According to a 2016 Gallup survey, 21 percent of millennials say they’ve changed jobs within the past year and 60 percent of millennials said they’d be open to...
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