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Real Time Feedback

5 Key Benefits of Real-Time Performance Feedback

What we call performance management was first introduced in the 1970s, following the dawn of scientific management. Performance management emerged when it was discovered that worker satisfaction drives efficiency — the beginning of an emphasis on workplace happiness. But by 1992, 20 percent of companies were satisfied with their performance review systems, and in 1997,...
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Performance Management

4 Essential Trends at HCI’s 2017 Performance Management Innovation Conference

The theme at Human Capital Institute’s conference on performance management innovation this year is “feed forward, not feedback.” In an early poll of attendees, most said they were currently looking to transform their performance management, with about 20 percent saying they already use an agile performance management process. With these changes come challenges: how do...
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Employee Engagement

Driving Employee Growth With Real-Time Observations

At organizations that boast strong culture, there’s an expectation that employees care about their work and their co-workers, and interactions with others are mostly positive. Sometimes this can backfire — managers are afraid to give critical feedback for fear it will detract from their positive relationships. Of course, “constructive” feedback is welcome, but most managers...
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Company Culture

This Consulting Firm Uses Company Values to Attract Top Talent

Companies with well-defined values know they create a virtuous cycle. First, the values attract top talent who are able to be picky about the tone of their workplace, and then, those people affirm the company values through their voices and actions. This is the case at Artemis Connection, a strategy consulting firm founded by Christy...
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