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Company Culture

How This HR Startup Democratized its Company Values

When your company makes a social learning platform, thinking about how to grow and develop talent comes naturally. That’s why it’s not surprising that the leadership team at Everwise felt confident in handing the reins to a self-selected committee to create and formalize the company’s values last year. Company values are a great driver of... Keep reading  

Employee Engagement

See What Your Employees Value [INFOGRAPHIC]

More and more, employees are choosing workplaces that align with their personal values. For companies looking to recruit and retain talent, that should bring up the question: What do today’s employees value? Perhaps it’s not a simple question. Highly talented individuals across age groups, geographies, and industries may value very different things. A worker’s affinity... Keep reading  

Employee Engagement

Career Path Programs Retain Employees By Helping Them Move Up

There’s a common refrain in exit interviews — “I wanted a new challenge.” Are employees at your company saying it when they leave? And, an even better question — are you giving them opportunities to advance and develop? Hearing frustrations around how to get ahead in exit interviews is one reason Imgur built out a... Keep reading  

Industry News

Why This Accenture CEO Banned Memos

The workplace is changing. For years we’ve heard predictions that the resume is dead and the performance review is dead, so it should come as no surprise that the memo is on its way out, too. (In reality, these things aren’t so much dying — just evolving.) Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture North America, may... Keep reading