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Performance Management

3 Ways to Fix Performance Management

This post was updated on June 24, 2016. The explosion of communication channels and tools are shaking up organizations. New software platforms emerging create unprecedented levels of speed, agility, customization, and frequency in inter-office interactions, revolutionizing relationships. This change in performance management is sorely needed: According to Mercer’s 2013 Global Performance Management Survey, only 3 percent of organizations... Keep reading  

Industry News

General Electric Moves to Real-Time Feedback

The post was originally published in Harvard Business Review by General Electric As managers in a large, complex organization at GE, we face a daily challenge:  ensure that our employees collaborate, make quick and effective business decisions, and provide our customers with superior products and services. But like at other companies, our teams and departments... Keep reading  

Performance Management

The Real Cost of Performance Reviews

When it comes time to do an annual review, employees are not the only ones with anxiety. Given the tremendous amount of time annual reviews require to plan, execute and respond to, they are also a huge drain on management and resources. Each year companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their annual review.... Keep reading  

Performance Management

3 Reasons Why Annual Reviews Are Broken

It’s no secret that annual reviews don’t accomplish what they are intended to do – developing employees and improving performance and productivity. In fact most employees and HR executives will agree that this process is very expensive and in the end counterproductive. The three main reasons why annual reviews are not effective are recency bias,... Keep reading