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Company Culture

Build a Feedback Culture With Remote Workers

There’s no doubt that innovations in technology are behind the rise in telecommuting. According to Gallup, 37% of U.S. workers say they have telecommuted, and the average worker telecommutes two days per week. Remote work has opened up a virtual world of possibilities for employees and employers alike: While employees get to enjoy the flexibility...
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Performance Management

Writing Useful Performance Review Questions for Creative Employees

No calendar invite makes employees and managers alike squirm quite as much as the dreaded annual review meeting. It’s not just the clichés — like the “sandwich method” of delivering feedback (a piece of positive feedback, followed by something the employee can improve upon, ending with another example of something that’s going well…) — that...
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Employee Engagement

Role-Swapping Will Retain and Motivate Your Best Employees

The metaphorical image of a well-oiled machine is commonly associated with successful business models. Each cog in place, the company runs smoothly, churning out its intended product without so much as a squeak. This comparison, however, may be misguided. Many modern companies are more akin to a living, breathing thing – a tree, for example...
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