Company Culture

10 Top Trends Shaping the Workplace in 2017

With the war for talent heating up, companies are competing harder than ever to attract top talent for their growing teams. But how are they doing it? Employee experience and workplace wellness are front and center in the conversation on how to attract and retain talent across all industries. From info we gathered at SHRM...
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Managers Are the Key to Good Work Culture

Cold-pressed juice machines, company picnics, in-office yoga…these perks may sound appealing to an employee but when it comes down to building excellent company culture, it’s great management that makes the difference. Sure, company perks are important to employees, but studies now show that it isn’t the number one tactic. What matters is great management and...
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Industry News

Top Voices at SHRM 2017

For many human resources professionals, this past weekend was spent waltzing down Bourbon Street with Mardi Gras beads in hand for the annual SHRM conference. For those who don’t know what SHRM is, it is the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference, which is the largest annual gathering of HR professionals in the world....
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