Real Time Feedback

How to Select the Right Real-Time Feedback Solution

The workplace needs continuous feedback more than ever. According to Gallup, only 17 percent of millennials receive meaningful feedback and 19 percent receive feedback on a routine basis. One reason such a small percentage of employees receive feedback is the perception that performance management is a time-consuming process. We empathize with managers who attempt to balance their time between... Keep reading  

Real Time Feedback

Learn to Give Feedback to Your Boss

Giving your boss feedback on their performance and management skills can be terrifying. It feels like they hold the keys to your career success in their hands, and you don’t want to cause trouble. Actionable feedback gives your boss an opportunity to improve his working relationship with everyone in the office exponentially. It’s vital to... Keep reading  

Real Time Feedback

The ROI of Recognition in the Workplace

Want to join the HR Roundtable and contribute insight to a monthly hot topic in HR innovation? Email for more information. A good compliment goes a long way. The impact of positive recognition in today’s workplace can be summed up in two results: repeated good behavior and motivation. When a manager, executive, or peer... Keep reading  

Real Time Feedback

Why Corrective Feedback Should Be Delivered In Person

The best managers are coaches. But one commonality of coaches is that they deliver bad news with grace — as a result, their reports do not become frustrated or feel unappreciated, but instead find they want to do even better based on the constructive feedback. Of the many tips around how to deliver corrective feedback... Keep reading  

Industry News

IBM Is Shifting Performance Reviews to Real-Time Feedback

In the past few years, IBM has evolved from a hardware leader to an innovator in cloud-based software. Developing the talents of its more than 377,000 employees through this change is now a focus and starting last summer, the company set out to replace annual performance reviews with something better. The existing system was in place for more than... Keep reading