Company Culture

How John Deere Measures Employee Happiness

John Deere may be a manufacturing company that is nearly 200 years old, but it continues to innovate in its human resources function, using data to drive engagement and retention. Employee engagement is linked with both customer satisfaction and profits. While many companies invest in culture with various internal programs, John Deere is proving that... Keep reading  

Employee Engagement

See How Many of Your Employees Are Engaged

Perhaps the greatest reason employee engagement matters is retention. How do employees answer the question, “Do you expect to still be here in a year?” Engagement also drives metrics including profitability, customer ratings, quality defects and safety incidents. Many of these things are related — when there’s high employee turnover and absenteeism, customers are less... Keep reading  

Performance Management

The Key to Giving Constructive Feedback the Right Way

The objective of a manager providing constructive feedback is to improve an employee’s performance. This is something both employee and manager are aligned on — over time, a manager wants to work with a better and better employee, and an employee wants career growth and personal development. Yet, we don’t like giving negative feedback and we... Keep reading