OKRs & Goals

Introduction to S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Goals are a simple way to ensure individuals are aligned with the company’s objectives. More crucially, clear goals are shown to motivate employees. Engaged employees drive customer satisfaction and stay longer at the company, driving long-term success. The SMART goal framework first emerged in the 1980s. The criteria help managers and employees align on goals... Keep reading  

Industry News

IBM Is Shifting Performance Reviews to Real-Time Feedback

In the past few years, IBM has evolved from a hardware leader to an innovator in cloud-based software. Developing the talents of its more than 377,000 employees through this change is now a focus and starting last summer, the company set out to replace annual performance reviews with something better. The existing system was in place for more than... Keep reading  

OKRs & Goals

How to Win at OKRs and Stay on Track

Setting ambitious, measurable goals is an important exercise for all teams, but when it comes to simultaneously maintaining day-to-day responsibilities while aggressively pushing toward new objectives, even the most focused teams may fall off track. Here are three simple best practices to help teams move forward, even while juggling many tasks. Create Meaningful Measures of Progress... Keep reading  

OKRs & Goals

4 Characteristics of a Powerful Goal-Setting Process

Increasing profitability by 20 percent, losing 15 pounds, putting 50 percent of your earnings in savings—everyone knows how difficult achieving important and significant results can be. Fortunately, research proves goal-setting is a highly effective way of making progress towards achieving desired outcomes. Those who write goals down and gather social support are over 25 percent more likely to succeed at achieving their... Keep reading  

OKRs & Goals

Introduction to Goal Management Systems: What Are OKRs?

As companies grow and markets shift, getting teams executing in alignment may feel like a moving target. OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results, are an organizational system originated at Intel that is widely adopted by some of the most high-performing companies in the market. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity and specificity: By identifying and committing to... Keep reading