Performance Management

4 Foundations of a Great Performance Review Strategy

Performance reviews fail to address their goal of growing a workforce’s performance. As we move away from Industrial Revolution-era ways into a new wave of work, many are realizing that the old tools don’t cut it any longer. The old processes — lengthy, anxiety-provoking, developmentally weak, and siloed — misalign with innate human motivation. Knowing... Keep reading  

Performance Management

Writing Useful Performance Review Questions for Creative Employees

No calendar invite makes employees and managers alike squirm quite as much as the dreaded annual review meeting. It’s not just the clichés — like the “sandwich method” of delivering feedback (a piece of positive feedback, followed by something the employee can improve upon, ending with another example of something that’s going well…) — that... Keep reading  

Employee Engagement

eNPS Score Is the Core of Data-Driven HR

Data drives business. Whether it’s supply chain, sales, or finance, analytic information is increasingly reliable for making the best call on business decisions. More and more, insights based on data are becoming essential to human resources, particularly when it comes employee retention and engagement. According to Gallup, about 33 percent of employees are engaged at... Keep reading  

Company Culture

How This HR Startup Democratized its Company Values

When your company makes a social learning platform, thinking about how to grow and develop talent comes naturally. That’s why it’s not surprising that the leadership team at Everwise felt confident in handing the reins to a self-selected committee to create and formalize the company’s values last year. Company values are a great driver of... Keep reading