Performance Management

Top 9 TED Talks on Human Resources

“Workplace culture” is a buzzword frequently thrown around as an indicator of company success, yet remains an elusive concept. What distinguishes a great workplace from mediocrity? How do we retain and cultivate talent? Some of the keys to culture include fostering motivation, offering non-financial rewards and building feedback and recognition as a workplace norm. It’s... Keep reading  

Industry News

General Electric Moves to Real-Time Feedback

The post was originally published in Harvard Business Review by General Electric As managers in a large, complex organization at GE, we face a daily challenge:  ensure that our employees collaborate, make quick and effective business decisions, and provide our customers with superior products and services. But like at other companies, our teams and departments... Keep reading  

Performance Management

Evolve Your Performance Management in 3 Steps

You know your performance management process isn’t working – and you aren’t alone. Studies show 89% of companies are looking to change their performance management process in the next 18 months. In this e-book, we’ll tell you why current performance management strategies are no longer effective and how to evolve your process to be more real-time... Keep reading