Employee Engagement

Driving Employee Growth With Real-Time Observations

At organizations that boast strong culture, there’s an expectation that employees care about their work and their co-workers, and interactions with others are mostly positive. Sometimes this can backfire — managers are afraid to give critical feedback for fear it will detract from their positive relationships. Of course, “constructive” feedback is welcome, but most managers... Keep reading  

Real Time Feedback

How to Select the Right Real-Time Feedback Solution

The workplace needs continuous feedback more than ever. According to Gallup, only 17 percent of millennials receive meaningful feedback and 19 percent receive feedback on a routine basis. One reason such a small percentage of employees receive feedback is the perception that performance management is a time-consuming process. We empathize with managers who attempt to balance their time between... Keep reading  

Industry News

General Electric Moves to Real-Time Feedback

The post was originally published in Harvard Business Review by General Electric As managers in a large, complex organization at GE, we face a daily challenge:  ensure that our employees collaborate, make quick and effective business decisions, and provide our customers with superior products and services. But like at other companies, our teams and departments... Keep reading  

Industry News

2 Ways Amazon Failed Real-Time Feedback

An engine of efficiency, Amazon’s quest to become the world’s largest retailer by creating a culture of data-driven decision-making has recently exposed its shortcomings in optimizing one of the most important aspects of employee productivity: real-time feedback. In the much discussed article published by the New York Times about the bruising culture of Amazon, employees criticize the... Keep reading  

Performance Management

7 Tips For Giving Constructive Feedback To Your Employees

Phrases like “nice work” and “good job” are easy to say, but many managers aren’t nearly as comfortable giving feedback to their employees that’s not purely positive. That’s unfortunate, as this feedback is just as, if not more, important to the growth of employees and the health of companies. And that critical constructive feedback you... Keep reading