Company Culture

Why This Political Empowerment Startup Put Values First

When is the right time to set company values? “Yesterday,” many founders will say. Creating company values is certainly a time-intensive exercise that many early-stage companies don’t feel they have the time or resources for. Without formalized values, the personal values of the founder or leadership will trickle down to determine hiring and other strategic... Keep reading  

Company Culture

How DigitalOcean Is Scaling Talent and Developing Employees

Gone are the days when employees evaluate opportunities based on numbers alone. We’ve heard a lot about the elusive company culture that keeps high performers at top companies, but what does that mean, and if you’re at a fast-growing startup, how do you create and maintain it? WATCH: “Supercharge Performance with Real-Time Feedback” ft. Lyndsey Hannigan We... Keep reading  

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is at Critically Low Levels

In yet another study into the dismal world of employee engagement, the Hay Group division of Korn Ferry, released last week, found that across all leadership levels an average of only 36 percent of employees are “highly engaged.” The new study of 7,500 business and HR leaders in 107 countries also identified that social responsibility... Keep reading